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Content Creator

Developing creative strategies and digital content for individuals and businesses 

Hi, I'm Kelsey,
an Adept Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

I work with individuals and brands to uplift their digital presence by ideating and creating content that connects with their prospective audiences.

What Can I Do For You?

With over seven years of professional marketing experience, I am ready to help you implement marketing initiatives, campaigns and strategies to promote your business.

Social Media Management

Creating content that resonates with your target audience is key to expanding your customer reach and building brand loyalty. Let's inspire, educate or entertain your customers through photo and video.

Strategy Building

Your marketing strategy outlines your business's unique value proposition, customer data, branding elements, and other factors crucial to converting prospects into loyal customers. Let's start planning.

Website Development

Websites are often the first impression of a business and lend to its credibility. It's an essential tool for showcasing products or services and cultivating brand awareness. Let's address your online presence.

Copywriting & Blogging

Position yourself as an industry expert through the power of words. Utilizing a specific writing strategy will attract the right people to your business and establish trust with your brand. Let's put the pen to paper.

Graphic Design

Design isn't just about making something beautiful – it's about delivering a message in the most impactful way. Storytelling helps customers feel connected to your brand. Let's start creating.

Project Management

Marketing is a large part of business and with that comes a multitude of projects. From campaign brainstorming to customer relationship management, marketing is what sets you apart. Let's work together.


Hear What My Clients Have to Say

Never Disappoints!

"I’ve worked with Kelsey for 7 years, fom when she was fresh out of college. I observed her, as she soaked up every bit of information, and applied it creatively and efficiently in the many, many, many requests she got hit with daily. Kelsey is a pleasure to work with. She is committed, calm and diligent. I count on Kelsey to get monthly communications out to my clients. She never disappoints! I recommend Kelsey and am happy to talk with anyone anytime."

Veronica Jaster

Business Owner, Realtor

Marketing Gold

"I would be lost without Kelsey and her marketing and social media help in my real estate business. Kelsey can take my thoughts/ideas and turn them into marketing gold. Her communication is great as is her responsiveness. I always have confidence knowing my projects are handled in a timely manner.  Kelsey has shown patience with changes and when I struggled with ideas she gave me other option and ideas. Kelsey is my go-to and I highly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed!"

Angel O'Brien

Business Owner, Realtor

Expertise & Creativity

"I have been working with Kelsey for 4+ years now and have been extremely pleased with her marketing expertise, creativity and overall advice. She helps represent my business in the most professional manner while staying current with marketing trends. Kelsey helped me establish a personal brand and “look” that is unique but not trendy and consistent across social media platforms while handling my social calendar and posts. Kelsey also provides materials, brochures, flyers and various other random projects for me in a timely manner. I highly recommend her services!"

Rebekah Schaaf

Business Owner, Realtor

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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